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Acqui Terme Italy spa – In a  typical scene in an epic movie, we would see men in their Roman baths socializing in the steam rooms. If you studied Italian history you would know this was a very important recreational sport in those Roman days. Every Roman city was required to have at least one public bath house. Thermal water was supplied by thermal duct into such places and the very rich privately built their own and had the water piped into their homes. From the research we did we found that most of the ancient public bath houses were built on three principal rooms - hot bath, warm bath and cold bath.Occasionally you'll also find one with steam bath or a dry steam bath which is equivalent to modern day sauna. Men and women are separated and the section for women is often much smaller in area size. Public baths certainly holds a very special place in the lives of ancient Romans and are usually built as public monument and are used by both the rich and poor citizens.

Today Italy spa has evolved greatly.  They offer a wide variety of spa treatments for maintaining balanced well being. Italy Spa is a historical practice that is very much sought after by Italians, young and old. In fact the word SPA is derived from a latin phrase 'salus per acquae' translated into English 'health through water'.

In the 19th century, Europe's great spas were frequent holiday destinations for the wealthy seeking to restore health with many ancient spas famed for their healing powers. This practice still holds true today where the rich and famous use spas as a retreat from the world to rejuvenate and hide from the world while they regain their health to face the onslaught of the next wave of fame.


Modern Italian spas

spa resortThermal waters have been used for hydrotherapeutic treatments
in the Mediterranean region for centuries. People here swear by the spring healing properties. Visiting an Italian spa is not only for the curative properties of the thermal water, but also for the appreciation of its beautiful natural surroundings. You'll find a 'zen-feel' in almost every Italian spa invoking a sense of inner peace and calmness in your spiritual well-being. Your rejuvenation is inter-linked between the effect of the thermal water and the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Many Italy Spas have the same chemical properties - predominantly sulphurous, sodium chloride, iodine or bromide. These chemical are used for the treatments of metabolic disorders, respiratory and vascular problems as well as skin diseases.

PoolItalian spas offer the best in climatic conditions as well as rich in thermal and mineral waters. Italian spa destinations like Abano, Salsomaggiore, Chianciano, Montecatini, Fiuggi and Ischia are a few which have gained global reputations in their healing power offerings.

In southern part of Italy numerous spas are found there their locations form an arc around the Gulf of Naples, it's no wonder because it's the most active volcanic zones in Italy where rich mineral are found for health rejuvenation. Spas in Ischia are the most famous due to its radioactive waters which are recommended for people who suffers from arthritis, rheumatism, obesity and metabolic disorders.

In the southern part of Italy numerous spas are found there.  Their locations form an arc around the Gulf of Naples.  No wonder it's the most active volcanic zone in Italy…it’s where rich minerals are found for health rejuvenation. Spas in Ischia are the most famous due to its radioactive waters which are recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, obesity and metabolic disorders.

Every year millions of locals and tourists travel in Italy in search of Italy spa for its healing properties as well as to admire the beauty of its natural surroundings and to de-stress from busy city lives. Don’t forget to sample the wide variety of sumptous Italian menus made world famous by Italian restaurants worldwide.

Interested in finding more news on Italy spa?  The ENIT Italian Government Tourist Board has much information to offer on Italy spas all over Italy.



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